It's time to get serious with your technical partners. Great software comes from great minds that think differently about the way we use our devices.

We're Logic Labs, and if we had to define what we do, it would be


Does utilizing deep learning to analyze and predict financial market data sound interesting to you? How about mapping brainwave data to UI gestures to develop the next generation of augmented reality interfaces? Maybe turning cutting edge technological developments into highly monetizable web application systems is more up your alley?

Whatever it may be, we handle it using top of the line development tools. A lot of our clients want mobile applications and web sites, but our skill set trancends these popular media.

Who We Are

Mobile Centric

Mobile phones are more than just a computer in your pocket. The fact that they are available at all times affords new types of experiences. We explore those new experiences and develop them into software.

Academically Backed

Some people hire graphic designers to make their interfaces pretty. We study the newest academic literature on interface design to make sure that the systems we design are objectively easy to use.

Monetization Strategies

A piece of technology is useless unless it has an ROI. Coming from the technology commercialization sector, we understand how to turn and idea or a new way to do things into a system that generates revenue.

Web and Backends, too

We don't stop at the mobile screen. We develop full web systems when it makes sense to use web technologies and backends so that your software systems can communicate and store information in the cloud.

Machine Learning

AI is slated to completely revolutionize the industry. That's why we've invested in hardware that allows us to train machine learning models so that we can offer our clients smarter services and systems.


Read up on our blog to dive into exactly how we approached some of our previous projects.

Juggle App

Four moms come together to launch a relevant startup business

Think sharing economy meets babysitting. That's Juggle: an app that connects families with lively sitters when they need a helping hand or someone to watch the kids when they go out.

We developed and launched version one of this mobile application with the Juggle team, integrating credit card processing, dashboard analytics, KYC verification processes, and everything else it takes to get a mobile app startup from zero to their first customer.

Clark Oil and Chemical

Redesigning and deploying a marketing site in the industrial sector

The industrial sectpr is notoriously conservative when it comes to new media marketing campaigns. Thus, an industrial company can really stick out if they do a good job at showcasing themselves and presenting a professional looking site.

That's just what we did for Clark Oil and Chemical in Cleveland, Ohio. We made their site look so good that their competitors started copying them (really).


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